October 2, 2022


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What Are the Fascinating Features of SD-WAN?

When you think about SD-WAN, you might think about the cloud-first approach and Micro-segmentation, but these aren’t the only features to consider. Cloud services and security are also driving adoption. These features can help you secure your network and tie in cloud services.


Cloud-First Approach

A cloud-first approach to the SD-WAN edge platform is an approach that puts the end-user experience first. The benefits of this approach include fast time to market, multi-cloud readiness, and flexible billing. It also delivers a consistent user experience for all applications across the WAN. In addition, this approach helps organizations take advantage of a rapidly evolving technology landscape by enabling flexibility and agility and enabling organizations to change their WAN configuration as their business grows.

SD-WAN technology enables organizations to easily and securely provision and manage SD-WAN equipment from a central location, eliminating the need for on-site technical support and hardware refreshes.



SD-WAN offers several advanced features to optimize traffic flow across a company’s network. For instance, it can use intelligent path control to steer traffic to the most suitable network link based on the type of application. This traffic-forwarding capability can be configured at the centralized controller level and pushed out to all SD-WAN devices. It can also implement policies based on IP addresses, application profiles, port numbers, quality-of-service markings, and time of day.

Another benefit of SD-WAN is its ability to orchestrate the entire network centrally. This allows administrators to manage network policies, configuration updates, and fixes with a single interface. This enables faster rollout of new policies and easy onboarding of devices and services. 

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SD-WAN orchestration is a way to automate the day-to-day management of an SD-WAN deployment. It allows you to configure traffic steering configurations and enforce them across the entire network. Orchestration helps you easily manage your SD-WAN network, and many vendors offer orchestration features.

SD-WAN orchestration is important for organizations that want to deploy a more secure network. However, organizations must deploy multiple security tools and point products without orchestration, resulting in more complexity and potential defensive gaps. Fortunately, orchestration can help address these challenges by simplifying workflows and reducing costs and risks.



The most effective micro-segmentation practices are based on a well-defined architecture. This architecture should prioritize application, user, and IT resource classification and primary security risks. Micro-segmentation implementations typically start by defining the visibility of applications, user profiles, and segmentation rules.

Network micro-segmentation enables organizations to apply security controls to certain network segments. These controls can limit breaches by preventing lateral movement. This approach benefits compliance, enabling organizations to cordon off environments with protected data. Ultimately, this helps organizations show regulatory bodies that they comply with regulatory requirements.

Micro-segmentation is a key component of software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) networks. Security teams can easily segment the network based on workloads and applications with this approach. By doing so, security teams can create policies based on specific user and application behavior and communication patterns.



IPsec is a security protocol that encrypts data packets on a network. It works by establishing keys between two devices connected to the network. These keys enable these devices to decrypt and authenticate each other’s messages. Each data packet contains a payload and a header. The header contains information that tells computers what to do with the packet. IPsec adds authentication and encryption information to the headers.

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IPsec is crucial for organizations to ensure that data is safe and secure. Organizations today can benefit from this feature by allowing their employees to work from around the world.