August 14, 2022

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Vittoria Corsa Velocity tires speediest in globe many thanks to graphene

Vittoria Corsa Speed tires fastest in world thanks to graphene
Vittoria tires thanks to graphene - image 1
Graphene know-how has assisted Vittoria come to be the globe leader in bicycle tires. (Graphic:

Graphene technologies has aided make Vittoria Corsa Velocity tires the swiftest bicycle tires in the planet. Vittoria S.p.A., centered in Italy, has been producing bicycle tires considering that 1953.

Vittoria states Graphene engineering has additional considerable benefit to its products and solutions.

In accordance to Vittoria:

“Graphene technological know-how has included an distinctive value in Vittoria products. It modifications every thing. Vittoria, a pioneer in using this revolutionary substance in the cycling current market, has positioned Corsa Pace as the greatest time trial tire in the current market.”

The business claims that its tubeless-all set tires have 40% fewer rolling resistance many thanks to graphene. Graphene gave the Corsa Velocity tire a 32-second advantage around its nearest rival in a 50km time trial.

Vittoria lists graphene advantages

Graphene boosts speed by:

  • strengthening grip in moist ailments,
  • lessening rolling resistance,
  • improving puncture resistance,

Graphene has also strengthened the company’s solutions.

Regarding its 4C technologies and graphene, Vittoria designed the next statement in a press release:

“The 4 distinctive compounds have been researched to increase the tire performance by switching the method according to the discipline’s wants.”

“4C technological know-how and Graphene have transformed bike tires sector allowing for Vittoria to be the producer of the fastest bicycle tires.”

What is graphene?

Graphene, which is just one particular atom thick, is the very first definitely 2D material. It is the strongest, lightest, and thinnest substance in the planet – 200 instances the strongest of our strongest steel.

It is also an exceptional conductor of electricity and heat and acts as the best barrier. Not even helium gets by it. According to https://balloons.on the internet/, which tends to make and sells helium balloons, helium diffuses by way of solids substances at a level 3 instances that of the air in our atmosphere.

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Most difficult and difficult materials are not flexible. Graphene, nonetheless, is the exception – it is incredibly versatile.

Graphene has possible works by using in quite a few sectors of the overall economy. People today say it will change how we do business and make things appreciably.

We are now utilizing the product in drinking water filtration, aeronautical and area engineering, power storage, and photovoltaics. We are also applying it in electronics and organic engineering.

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